Young Blood Adventures- Coming Soon!

Young Blood Adventures- Coming Soon!

Filmmakers Mat and Myron Smith are working on a comic book adaptation of their movie “Young Blood: Evil Intentions”! Rather than creating a graphic novel based on the movie, they have written all new story lines featuring characters from the “Young Blood” universe. Fans of the movie will be able to follow all new adventures and possibly see them interact with new characters.

Myron Smith has made several character sketches and other concept art in preparation for the launch of “Young Blood Adventures”. Mat and Myron would love to see a variety of artist’s work on this project. The book should feel like reading an old Archie comic, only actually funny, while at the same time being horrifying, cute and repulsive. Interested parties should feel free to contact the writers/artists at P.O.Box 354 Ridgeway, VA 24148, or for more information. Enjoy the first “Young Blood Adventures” comic strip and check out for more sneak peeks.


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