“Young Blood: Evil Intentions” is now available on DVD!

Raised in a torn home, one girl discovers she has the ability to make big changes, with even bigger consequences. Anavey (Autumn Ward), with the loyal help of her innocent little sister Anastasia (Zoë Cox), form an army of young blood thirsty vampires to kill all the adults. Will Anavey’s dreams become a reality? Will Anastasia escape the cult before it’s too late? Will the angry mob put an end to the insanity? With performances by Butch Patrick (The Munsters), Jamison Newlander (The Lost Boys), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Ent.), Count Smokula, Sal “The Vampire Santa” Lizard and many others, “Young Blood: Evil Intentions” is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and forever remind parents to fear their children.

To order your copy of “Young Blood: Evil Intentions” on DVD, you can visit our online store at http://www.youngbloodmovie.com. You can also send cash, check or money order to Myron Smith- P.O. Box 354, Ridgeway, VA 24148.


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